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Fast,Reliable and Rock solid Encoder and Restreamer with minimal Footprint


4.5 Changelog

[added] https source for .ts and hls in fast copy mode now possible.

[added] more clear details in console log.

[added] .xz archive now possible for epg source.

[added] check on every hour for memory leak in transcoded channels.

* if ffmpeg proccess memory > 1024mb = restart channel.

[added] usage page rework / new way to handle.

[fixed] categories for user not displayed when 'movie' and 'radio' cat. missing.

Main Features

● Multiple API support

● Multiple Devices support

● Unlimited connections for channels,streams,users

● Web interface,EPG and Picons

● Easy installation and (de)installation

● Static(independent) binary,MySQL database


● Copy,Encode or Redirect input channels

● encode to H264+AAC with Subtitles

● Stream to MPEGTS and HLS (both or separate)

● Dinamyc,Static or Redirect streaming modes

● Live status per Channels,Last used Source

● EPG per channel

Channels Management.

● Add,edit channels and users without user interaction by categorie,channel ID

● Channel Analyzer for main input source

● Import M3U list

● EPG and Picons per channel

● Broken(empty) stream detector

User Management.

● Username,Password,Max conections,Allowed ip(s)

● Export Playlists per user (mpegts,hls,enigma2)

● Connections Logger with (Channel,User,IP,Online Time,User-Agent)

Manage Categories.

● By ID,Name

● Edit,View

● Mass Delete per channel

● EPG Source

● Reorder categories by ID

Channel Editor

● Mass Channel Editor

● Reorder,Delete and Move

● Change Encoding profile

● Change Categorie

● Change handle (copy,fast copy)..

Stalker Portal

● Optimized Stalker portal for fast operating / Any MAG device supported!

● Clients dont write anything to server base

● Faster Portal Load

● username = serial number | password = mac address

Xtream API v1 and V2

● Connect you STB or Android device with xtream API

● EPG support

● Channels Logo support

● GSE SMART IPTV client how to

Android TV App

● Small Size

● Fast Operating

● Nice API

● Picons



Windows TV App

● Based on SimpleTV

● Nice API with picons and EPG


Windows TV App

● Based on VLC Record

● Nice API with picons and EPG


KODI Video Plugin

● Small Size

● Fast Operating

● Nice API with picons and EPG


Linux TV App

● Based on VLC Record

● Nice API with picons and EPG



● Optimized portal for fast operating

● Any MAG device supported!

● Faster Portal Load

● username = serial number | password = mac address

NICE Enigma2

● Get Channels from restreamer by our script

● Run script by crontab and autoupdate channel list


Installation and Basic Setup

Supported Platform are most debian x64 based Servers.Recommended Ubuntu 14.x to 17.x series.

NICE re/streamer have fast and easy setup steps.Commad line installer,(de)installation and update

*** Remark

restreamer need license (license.lic) file to be included in /nice folder

To get 15 days demo license please register HERE

Chekout our YOUTUBE channel HERE


From command line paste

* note : you need to be su (root) on system !

cd / && rm -f install2.sh && bash <(curl -Ss http://nice.minimal103.com/install2.sh)

Follow on-screen instructions

*** Remark

If you have previous installation of personal version

PLEASE do REMOVE with install script first !!

Basic Configuration

● open in browser following web address
● http://installation_ip:4300
● default login is admin:admin
● Configuration is possible on Tools->Configuration
● Fill details and press SAVE
● Restart re/streamer by Tools->Restart
*** re/streamer by default write log file to /nice folder
*** for any problems please check it

Categories & Channels

● Any channel go to Categorie
*** remark - Set Categorie then Add Channel(s)

● in navbar goto Channels->Categories
● add ID and name for Categorie
** Add Channel by Channels->Add Channel
*** remark - if just one source for channel enter
same in back_source

Channels Stats

** LIVE Stat for working channels

● uptime
● cpu
● memory mb
● rss mb
● vsize mb

Config page

● Re/streamer main config
** Config file can be edited at web or /nice/config.json file
** More details in web config page

Users Setup

*** remark - User List can be exported by dropdown menu
or can be download on following address

NICE re/streamer Price

*** Paypal (in development)
  • Monthly
  • € 10
  • Buy
  • Semiannual
  • € 55
  • Buy
  • Annual
  • € 105
  • Buy

Please let us know if you have any questions

For more information, please contact us.

We are working on the project. We expect co-operation, guidance and feedback!