Version 5.3.6
   [+] M3u list download menu fix.
   [+] M3u list import improved.
   * broken/error entry in m3u list now are skipped.
   [+] Channel source parse exclude empty symbols.
   [+] More functions added in Web API.
   * check in FAQ section.
   [+] Channel add FFmpeg preset improvements.
   [+] Hls proxy mode fixes.
   [+] Change webuser and pass now is correct(no restart needed).


Version 5.3.5
  >[+] FFmpeg preset panel and transcoding profiles.
  >[+] EPG fixes.
  >[+] Ministra skins selection in config.
  * copy your favourite skin to /nice/plugins/c/template.
  [+] More functions added in Web API.
  * check in FAQ section.
  [+] Channel add improvements.
  [+] Export in users now generate list, direct download dropped.
  [+] DVR fixes.
  [+] Expander buffer improvements.
  [+] You can now set day(s) for autorestart in config.
   * cron restart dropped


Version 5.3.4
[+] FFmpeg management fixes.
[+] Nice Api fixes.
[+] FFmpeg max mem now have set in MB in config.
[+] Web socket for admin and reseller separated in Users connections.
[+] Epg module now accept tvheadend generated .xml files.


Version 5.3.3
[+] New Security Module.
 * Protection against brute force attacks malicious scan scripts.
[+] Various ffmpeg handle fixes.
[+] CSS fixes.


Version 5.3.2
[+] Avalability on DVR servers in web menu.
[+] DVR(catchup) and timeshift now is cross available to applications with xtream api <-> nice dvr/stalker dvr.
[+] Diffrent Mag devices with same serial number,or devices that dont report serial 
 number at all can connect to stalker/ministra portal with double mac entry to user:pass (mac:mac).
[+] Favourites for channels in stalker portal.
[+] Set default language and subtitles in stalker portal.
 * plugins folder will be updated, keep that in mind if you have custom styles for portal:) .
[+] Global search in 'Home'.
[+] Connections section reworked.


Version 5.3.1
[+] Introduce Nice DVR beta ( read HERE ).
[+] More advanced WAPI ( read HERE ).
[+] Epg parser completly reworked.
* users need to edit epg entry in channels.
[+] Auto recordation Mysql version.
 * Mysql server from 8.x dont support password auth by default.
[+] Stalker/Ministra portal updated to latest version 5.6.1.
* Stalker/Ministra portal can be used in old fashion way 'http://host:stalker_port/stalker_portal/c'.
[+] You can choose Stalker/Ministra default style in config.
[+] VOD and Series are available in Stalker/Ministra.
[+] String 'adult' in categorie name autolock by pin in live or vod.
[+] Channel logos is now valid in all Api's.
[+] Install Script now support Debian server 9 and 10.


Version 5.2
[+] New Dark style in css.
[+] Channel Editor completly reworked.
* multiselect with drag and drop channels sort.
[+] New manage Epg section.
[+] Categories reworked.
* reorder with drag and drop.
[+] Channel stream type select more precise now.
[+] Users control interface reworked.
[+] Api Users expirie now is exact to DD:HH:MM:SS.


Version 5.1
[+] Users expirie now is exact to DD:HH:MM:SS.
[+] New better handling of mpegts and hls input streams.
[+] Vod files with same name error uploading fixed.
[+] FFmpeg dynamic mode fixed.
[+] Graffics stat per channel fixed.
[+] Restart of restreamer optimized.
[+] In update section you now can restore to previous version.


Version 5.0
[+] Errors from channel source are now after channel name with timestamp.
[+] All imports/exports for restreamer have progress bar now.
[+] Config page split by sections.
[+] Active channel source (1/2) is switchable from web interface.
[+] HLS input by fast copy and proxy mode.
[+] Web socket are now more optimized.
[+] HLS produce (make) optimized.
[+] Fixed Invalid Characters in Epg XML (xciptv app epg guide was broken).
[+] Database auto insert (if database not exist will be created on first start).
[+] Update from now on can be done from web interface (Tools->Update Nice).
[+] VOD and Series added with OMDB in Xtream API.
* Api Key needed in config page *(OMDb API key).

You can register your api key HERE
[+] Live stat per channel (click Stat button:). [+] Export for playlists more formats added.
For details read HERE
[+] Demo License's auto activation enabled. * Nice re/restreamer start in demo/trial mode on first install.


Version 4.9
[+] Selectable HLS segments location /ram or disk filesystem/.
[+] Resellers add/edit date fix.
[+] Fast Copy modes can parse now non standart/with token hls m3u8 links.
[+] Epg Names in ssiptv list are epg source names not channels names.
[+] FFmpeg Static build updated to 4.1.3.
* thx to John VanSickle "https://www.johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/".
[+] GeoIP in Users Connections.
[+] HLS Proxy mode in channel preset (1:1 segment copy).
[+] SSIPTV selectable export hls or mpegts list in dropdown menu per user.
[fixed] Xtream API fix for various applicatioins.


Version 4.8
[+] Đ•xternal Middleware Stalker Authorization (token).
* you can connect Nice re/streamer with flussonic type autorization from original stalker/ministra.
[+] Categories menu rework.
* separated 1-10,11-20 and so on for better view.
[+] Web socket speed optimized.
[+] HLS code optimized.
* you can 'cut' .ts from allmost any type of stream.
[+] Multiple Ports for API's.
* can be entered in config separately.
[fixed] Various minor bugs fixed.


Version 4.7
[+] View in Categories "All cat." can be selected.
[+] IP address restriction in User Preset is active now.
* if no valid ip address inserted restriction not work.
[+] HLS buffers optimized for heavy (12mbit and up).ts chunks.
[+] Header in Fast Copy Mode + HLS(make) extended (can be any type).
[+] Header in Static Server include now allow-access-from domain="*".
* hls streams can be accessed from web players now.
[+] User Agent option added in config.
[+] Active channel source moved next to channel name in web.
[+] Database manangement optimized for max performance.
* no empty sells left after delete/add of channels.
[fixed] Various minor bugs fixed.


Version 4.6
[+] Restreamer license now can be added from web interface.
* if no license present will work in RED mode !
[+] Web api : Manage users via API.
[+] Wapi aes keys for API calls in config.
* check for more info our website Dev&How-to section.
[+] Database bakup/restore reworked completly
[+] User Connections method completly rewriten.
* Kick in User Connections page now possible.
[fixed] Mag Autorization method.
* was possible just with capital letters for mac address.
[fixed] Reseller module user date extension.


Version 4.5
[+] https source for .ts and hls in fast copy mode now possible.
[+] more clear details in console log.
[+] .xz archive now possible for epg source.
[+] check on every hour for memory leak in transcoded channels.
* if ffmpeg proccess memory > 1024mb = restart channel.
[+] usage page rework / new way to handle.
[fixed] categories for user not displayed when 'movie' and 'radio' cat. missing.


Version 4.4a
[+] Option to REMOVE captcha in login page.
* from configuration set Extended security .
[+] better hls stability.


Version 4.4
[+] New install,deinstall and update script.
[+] Reseller options with credit system.
* 1 month = 1 credit.
[+] Web interface Captcha + secure login for user and reseller.
[+] FFmpeg profiles for logo and delogo on channel.
[+] New mode [static fast copy].
* stream is allways connected in this mode / no ffmpeg used.
[+] new HLS module (external segmenter dropped).
* Fast copy modes can produce HLS in static and dynamic mode now.
* Any mime types can be handled in hls header.Better speed in dynamic fast copy
[+] Traffic measure now is on all interfaces in system.
[+] Logout in web :).
[fixed] Number of User connection count.


Version 4.3
[+] PIN lock code in config (stalker portal).
* automatically locks cat. named Adult adult ADULT in stalker portal
[+] Entry in log for the SN MAC IP logins of unauthorized attempts to stalker portal
[+] nice api "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*"
* changes to the hls server header (for correct working with hls.js)


Version 4.2
[+]HLS streams now possible to restream by [fast copy] mode 
[fixed] Channel editor reorder ussie .
[fixed] various bugfixes.


Version 4.1
[+]Console Log
* note : tools->console log .
* note : errors and problems reported to _err.log or _debug.log in /nice .
[+]incorrect syntax check in main and back source.
* note : errors reported to console log .
[+]Interface rework.
[fixed] various bugfixes.


Version 4.0
[+]DataBase export/import in Web Interface.
[+]EPG cross select in add/edit channels.
* note : diffrent(cross categorie) source can be selected for channel.
[+] Export from dropdown in user section put preffix for categorie.
* example : cat:channel name in m3u export file.
[+] Tooltip in config for easy setup
[+] Connection section table can be arranged now.
* note : set refresh to OFF.
[+] HLS output for Api's can be selected
* note : see Config page for details.
[fixed] Various fixes....


Version 3.9
[+]Channel Editor
* note : mass reorder,move,change categorie and encoding profile .
* note : press [power] button to apply changes after edit .
[+] Icon link in siptv export.
[+] FFmpeg filtering syntax parser.
* note : in filtering body replace ',' whit '!' to keep correct syntax .
 [fixed] Various fixes....


Version 3.7
[+] Encoding Preset in ADD channel.
* note : Presets can be + in /nice/ffpresets.json file (examples included in file).
* note : GPU encoding can be done if you have Video hardware + ffmpeg gpu support.
[+] UDP streaming.
* note : UDP group,interface and port set in web config aka ( udp://em1@ = ON ,if UDP group set empty = OFF).
* note : Stream to UDP in channel config in [On Host] aka (udp:// ,if UDP set empty = OFF).
[+] Debian pakage for Update.
[fixed] EPG proccesing.
[fixed] User and Categories whit empty value deadlock.


Version 3.6
[+] PLEX Plugin for Nice API !
[+] New better EPG hadle.
[fixed] Categories limitation per user.
[fixed] Mag movie(vod).
* note : You can update your restreamer by script


Version 3.5
[+] NICE API !
* note : Port(default port 4002) for Nice Api is Stalker port + 1 !
[+] Free Android Client for Nice API !
* note: small size and fast operating !
[+] Free Windows Client for Nice API !
* note: based on SimpleTV
[+] fast Search in clients area.
[fixed] Export by link with empty/wrong user or password.
[fixed] Mag Portal optimazed for faster loading.


Version 3.4
[+] Stalker Portal !
* note : Port(default port 4001) for MAG portal is Xtream API port + 1 !
* note : username = serial number / password = mac address of your STB
* note : 998 id in categories for movies, 999 for radio !
 [+] Channel copy 1:1 "[dynamic] fast copy" for re/streaming channels.NO FFMEPG .!
* note: Can be used to very fast source re/stream [ only http source working in this mode,no hls no rtmp sources]
[+] Diffrent format EPG sources to categorie can be imported now.
[+] Main(Home) page separated by categories.
[+] Import in categories set default to " live " and " [dynamic] fast copy ".
[+] Refresh can be set to custom value in Home.
[fixed] Xtream Api 2 EPG.
[fixed] HLS on dynamic mode removing files after stop.
[fixed] Channel status on reconnect state.
[fixed] HLS connection per user in "Connections" section.
[fixed] M3u list export and limits per user.