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 curl -s http://nice.minimal103.com/install2c.sh | bash -s 5.4.3 

 1.1 New Section 'Protection', in Tools -> Security
 1.2 Show duplicated user:pass for users ( stalker ).
 1.3 Show Failed login atempts.
 1.4 Geolocation access on server.
2.New Section 'Server Log' in Tools 
 2.1 Activity Logs from server are storred on every hour for 7 days.

 3.1 Last used IP address , shows user last login ip.
 3.2 New Option 'is restreamer' , when is set allow this user to get access when
     server is 'ON' under attack mode.Although all security state on server. 
 3.3 Resellers now can get 'Trial Days' for his accounts , admin set how many.
 3.4 Resellers now can add mag devices in their web by 'Pending' option.

4.Channel Editor
  4.1 New Option to arrange channel order for stalker in 'ALL" section

 5.1 Geolocation set for access server, only enabled can access.
 5.2 New Option 'Under Attack Mode'.
     If there's many failed login attempts by unknown IP addresses, 
	 they are denied for 1 hour and the "last used IP" filter is activated.
 5.3.Stalker auto serial number for logins with mac:mac.
     This will get real serial number of device ( if there is any )
 5.4 Stalker portal 'Playback Limit' in hours on devices.
 5.5 Stalker portal 'Order By', this set how channels are displaed in portal. 

Main Features

● Multiple API support

● Multiple Devices support

● Unlimited connections for channels,streams,users

● Web interface,EPG and Picons

● Easy installation and (de)installation

● Static(independent) binary,MySQL database


● Copy,Encode or Redirect input channels

● encode to H264+AAC with Subtitles

● Stream to MPEGTS and HLS (both or separate)

● Dinamyc,Static or Redirect streaming modes

● Live status per Channels,Last used Source

● EPG per channel

Channels Management.

● Add,edit channels and users without user interaction by categorie,channel ID

● Channel Analyzer for main input source

● Import M3U list

● EPG and Picons per channel

● Broken(empty) stream detector

User Management.

● Username,Password,Max conections,Allowed ip(s)

● Export Playlists per user (mpegts,hls,enigma2)

● Connections Logger with (Channel,User,IP,Online Time,User-Agent)

Manage Categories.

● By ID,Name

● Edit,View

● Mass Delete per channel

● EPG Source

● Reorder categories by ID

Channel Editor

● Mass Channel Editor

● Reorder,Delete and Move

● Change Encoding profile

● Change Categorie

● Change handle (copy,fast copy)..

Stalker Portal

● Optimized Stalker portal for fast operating / Any MAG device supported!

● Clients dont write anything to server base

● Faster Portal Load

● username = serial number | password = mac address

Xtream API v1 and V2

● Connect you STB or Android device with xtream API

● EPG support

● Channels Logo support

● GSE SMART IPTV client how to

Android TV App

● Small Size

● Fast Operating

● Nice API

● Picons



Windows TV App

● Based on SimpleTV

● Nice API with picons and EPG


Windows TV App

● Based on VLC Record

● Nice API with picons and EPG


KODI Video Plugin

● Small Size

● Fast Operating

● Nice API with picons and EPG


Linux TV App

● Based on VLC Record

● Nice API with picons and EPG



● Optimized portal for fast operating

● Any MAG device supported!

● Faster Portal Load

● username = serial number | password = mac address

NICE Enigma2

● Get Channels from restreamer by our script

● Run script by crontab and autoupdate channel list


Installation and Basic Setup

Supported Platform are most debian x64 based Servers.Recommended Ubuntu 16.04 to 22.x series.

Installations Steps Click HERE

Demo Licenses will be

automatically activated for 15 days

on first re/streamer installation !

Demo Licenses

can be used once

on same server !

Chekout our YOUTUBE channel HERE

NICE re/streamer Pro Price

  • Monthly
  • € 15
  • Buy
  • Semiannual
  • € 85
  • Buy
  • Annual
  • € 170
  • Buy

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